IMAGIN Board of Directors Election

The Board of Directors for IMAGIN serve two (2) year terms and are elected by ballot prior to the IMAGIN Annual Conference, with the results of the election announced as part of the Annual Membership Meeting.  The Executive Officers of IMAGIN are elected by the Board of Directors annually.

For the 2017 Election, nine (9) candidates are vying for seven (7) board seats.  Three (3) of the seats are being vacated by board members stepping down, while four (4) seats being contested are held by an incumbent candidate. 

IMAGIN would like to extend a special thanks to Scott Ambs, Lori Schultz and Kathleen Stack for their dedicated years of service on the IMAGIN Board of Directors

The 2017-2018 IMAGIN Board of Directors Candidates are:
Candidates listed in alphabetical order by last name
You will vote for no more than seven (7) candidates

Keri Blough (Incumbent), City of Novi

As the Geospatial Applications Services Manager for the City of Novi, I manage the City’s diverse map-related resources including our public-facing interactive maps, automatic vehicle locator system, and enterprise asset management system.  Our focus is to create data once and use multiple times across many applications.
Over the course of my 15 (or so) years in local government GIS activities, I have been involved with parcel mapping, served as a public safety admin team member, and, most recently, inventoried all properties that will receive solid waste collection under a consolidated citywide contract.  So, if you want to “talk trash” or have a conversation about managing parcels, public safety response data, infrastructure assets, trees, or just about any other feature type, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me!
Although I have been an IMAGIN member for many years, I joined the Board in September when I was appointed to fill a vacant seat.  I was inspired to join the IMAGIN Board after speaking with fellow members at last year’s annual conference.  I came away with a few ideas to create more opportunities to interact with and learn from each other. We can all benefit from sharing our GIS experiences across disciplines and developing our professional network to leverage knowledge from others who have worked on similar projects.  If I am fortunate enough to “win” my seat on the IMAGIN Board this year, I want to continue having conversations with as many of you as possible to develop content for future professional development events and create a platform for sharing your stories (or story maps as the case may be).

Chad Collins (Incumbent), InfoGeographics, Inc.
My name is Chad Collins, I am a GIS Consultant for InfoGeographics, Inc. in Traverse City. Having worked in the GIS field in Michigan for the last 16 years, I have worked with both the public and private sector (over the last 23 years). I have been involved in a wide range of geospatial projects, each with their own challenges and social and educational rewards. I have been a member of IMAGIN since December of 2003 and have attended the majority of the conferences that were held during that period.

Before joining the team at InfoGeographics, Inc., I worked as the GIS Analyst for Wexford County (Wexford County 9-1-1/ Manistee County and Manistee County 9-1-1/City of Manistee) for 7 years. Prior to these positions, I worked for a Photogrammetric Engineering firm (now part of Quantum Spatial) located in Minneapolis, MN for 10 years, providing much of the same geospatial data we, as GIS professionals, rely on today. I value the relationships and educational opportunities IMAGIN has provided me over the years.  As GIS and the geospatial industry continue to evolve, I feel that IMAGIN is a great asset to my professional development.  I would like to do my part in making sure IMAGIN provides an outlet of opportunity and vision to those in the geospatial industry as well as those interested in and entering a field of work using spatial concepts.

Michael Cousins, OHM Advisors

My name is Michael Cousins and I’m the GIS Manager for OHM Advisors. I have been with OHM for over 3 years now. At OHM, I provide GIS support to various municipalities throughout the state, both locally and regionally. Previous to OHM, I had worked for several years down in FL for another large engineering firm as well as the Department of Defense on a GIS contract with the US Army. I graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Geography with a Specialization in Spatial Information Processing.
I am currently a Certified GIS Professional (GISP) and have been heavily involved in the GIS community. While living in FL, I was a regional director of FLURISA (FL Chapter of URISA). Since moving back to MI, I have attended and spoke at all of the major conferences and several user group meetings throughout the state. Currently, I am also the MI coordinator for the OH-MI GIS user group.
I have a passion for the GIS field & promoting GIS… I would love to be on the IMAGIN board to help further GIS growth throughout the state. I have developed a close relationship with several members of IMAGIN and think that I would be a great fit for the team.

Dustin Hall, Holland Engineering
y name is Dustin Hall, and I have been a Certified GIS Professional since 2014. I discovered the GIS profession while attending Grand Valley State University. I was required to take an introductory course to GIS while studying for my Natural Resource Management and I quickly realized that this was what I wanted to do for a living (even though it was ArcView 3.3). I ended up graduating with two Bachelor of Science Degrees, one in NRM and the other in Geography with an emphasis in Geographic Methods.
I started my career at Western Land Services in Ludington as a GIS specialist.  After two and half years of traveling 90 miles to work one way, it was time for a change. I went to work for Miller Energy in Kalamazoo as a Land GIS Analyst and had the opportunity to build the department from scratch. This was an enormous undertaking, but an enjoyable experience at the same time. In December of 2016, I moved on to my current employer and started working at Holland Engineering as a GIS Analyst. My initial task at HEI was to install and implement ArcGIS Server to improve various workflows among departments. I currently develop all of our web mapping applications utilizing ESRI’s Web App Builder Developer Edition and recently implemented ArcGIS Collector for our Environmental Group.
This is my first year running to be on the IMAGIN board and am excited about the potential opportunity. I have the desire to take on this responsibility of giving back to the GIS community, as it has given me such an empowering career. I feel that I would be an excellent chair to the Board as I would be able to bring in fresh and innovative ideas to an already established and exceptional organization. 

April Kibby, Wightman and Associates

My name is April Kibby. I am a GIS Analyst with Wightman & Associates, a consulting firm in Southwest Michigan. Being a Northern Michigan native, I spend most of my free time up north on adventures outside exploring the shoreline. A recent graduate of Grand Valley State University’s Geography program in 2013 with certificates in GIS and Urban and Regional Planning. I have since taken the initiative by coordinating with the university to inform students about career opportunities in the field of GIS and promote GIS Day. Far too few people are aware of the usefulness of the geospatial technology and the growing industry that is upon us. I myself, arrived late to a career in GIS after giving up my lucrative position as a regional department manager for a restaurant chain. I believe in living your life with a purpose and passion, so I sought out a career that provided me with the ability to do just that.
My work now primarily revolves around building a GIS based Asset Management Program for our SAW clients.  Due to the success of this grant we will be able to put GIS technology in the hands of many of our clients, all of whom are first time users which has been very exciting for us. More recently I have been working on expanding our geospatial data analysis capabilities to accommodate our newly formed planning department with master plan writing, transportation design, and property site selection. Prior to my current occupation, I was a GIS Technician for the City of Three Rivers, offering cartographic assistance to the various departments of the city.  I still sit on the Economic Vitality DDA committee for Three Rivers. As a cyclist and GIS professional, I have assisted in the planning process of numerous trail projects in southwest Michigan.
I have been a member of Imagin for a couple years now and will be co-presenting at this year’s conference. This is also the second year I have volunteered on the event planning committee for Imagin. I try to stay active in the GIS community by attending the state user group meeting. Alex Ebstein and I currently plan the SWM GIS user group, which I’ve been trying to branch across state lines into Northeast Indiana.
Despite being relatively new to the field of GIS, I have been fortunate to make a great number of professional contacts across the state in a very short time. I am very excited for this opportunity to serve on the Imagin Board. I couldn’t think of a better way to give back to the GIS community I have grown to love.

Karl Linderoth, Bay College

My name is Karl Linderoth, and I am the full time GIS Instructor at Bay College in Escanaba.  I have been in attending the IMAGIN since 2014 and have been a member since 2015. I hold a Masters of Career Technical Education with emphasis in Information Systems from Ferris State University.  I have taught Computer Network and Security courses at Bay College since 2001.  In 2012 I was asked by our Water Technology department to develop a course in GIS.  Upon delving into the subject matter I realized that I needed significantly more exposure to GIS and attended coursework and received a Professional Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from George Mason University in Virginia.  Though skills were heavily ArcGIS oriented all coursework was presented by GMU geography faculty who provided invaluable depth and understanding of the labs. After completing my GIS certificate I worked for a summer at CUPPAD regional planning commission as a GIS mapping technician.  In the last year I instructed more than 100 K12 math and science teachers across the UP in GIS skills and how to use ArcGIS Online to bring those skills back to their classrooms. I am responsible for the GIS degree and curriculum at Bay College, and as part of that have worked to develop a transfer guide for a 2 + 2 transfer to Northern Michigan University.  This provides students both an economical way to learn GIS that also seamlessly articulates to a 4 year degree. Students from outside the area are now transferring to Bay College to pursue this transfer. I am especially interested in expanding IMAGIN membership in the Upper Peninsula in order to increase IMAGIN’s influence.  I have enjoyed the experiences and training that I have received through IMAGIN, and would like work to provide those same experiences for others by serving the IMAGIN community on the Board of Directors.

Janet Mocadlo (Incumbent), SEMCOG

Janet Mocadlo has 20 years of data analysis and planning experience with the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG). She is currently a planner in the Data Analysis Group at SEMCOG, specializing in residential and commercial data development, and community master plans.
Janet uses GIS on a daily basis for data analysis, problem solving, map creation, and helping SEMCOG member communities with their planning and data needs. She is interested in helping IMAGIN continue its goals of bringing educational and networking opportunities to GIS professionals, and improving collaboration among organizations. She believes that all benefit by sharing information, tools, shortcuts etc. She would also like to try to increase membership to IMAGIN among the Southeast Michigan communities and organizations.
Janet graduated summa cum laude from Eastern Michigan University in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning. 

Jason Moore, REGIS

My name is Jason Moore and I have worked in the Geospatial Industry for the last 16 years in both the public and private sector. Currently I work at the Grand Valley Metro Council (GVMC) managing GVMC’s Regional GIS (REGIS).  I have been a member of IMAGIN for most of my professional career and feel IMAGIN is very important for promoting the use of GIS for varying statewide projects and initiatives. At GVMC/REGIS I get the privilege to work with varying sizes of local government and in different service areas in West Michigan. The main focus is to help guide the REGIS members in the use of GIS. I really enjoy working in the field of GIS because it gives you the ability to cross over into so many other disciplines and the field has grown so much.  I am a graduate of Central Michigan University and I have lived in Michigan all of my life. 

Thomas Van Bruggen (Incumbent), Muskegon County
My name is Thomas Van Bruggen, GIS Administrator for Muskegon County. I started my GIS career with Muskegon County in 1998 as the GIS Technician, then moved into a Property Information Analyst position in 2003 where I continued management of the GIS system.  In October of 2012, I was promoted to GIS Administrator and moved from the Equalization Department into the Information Systems department. 
My responsibilities for Muskegon County include the planning, development, implantation, and maintenance of all enterprise GIS solutions for Muskegon County. 
I joined IMAGIN in 1999 and was appointed to the IMAGIN Board of Directors in January of 2008 to fill a vacancy.  From May of 2008 until May of 2014 I served as the IMAGIN Secretary.  Since May of 2014, I have been serving as your IMAGIN President.  I have been privileged to serve you as President and together we have accomplished wonderful things in my three years as president, including; bylaws updates and revisions, increased membership involvement, stabilizing and improving the IMAGIN budget, growth in both membership and the conference attendance, and much more. 
IMAGIN is a wonderful organization that has truly benefited my professional career.  From the educational tracks and user interaction at the conference, to the networking and contacts that I leverage every week for advice or tips, having a professional GIS organization that spans across the entire State gives us all a wealth of knowledge that we need to leverage more.  To that end, if you choose to re-elect me to the Board of Directors, I hope to keep advancing several initiatives that I believe will strengthen IMAGIN and our GIS network across Michigan, including establishment of a comprehensive state-wide aerial imagery program, data sharing and exchange initiatives, increased connections with other professional organization, increasing membership value and interaction, and more.  
Please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts and ideas as we continue working together to build a stronger geospatial community in Michigan. 

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