2019 IMAGIN Conference
Sunday Brew & Non-Brew Bus Tour

Sunday June 9 - 2:45 pm
Tickets:  $10 per person, pre-registration is required, space is limited.

HITCH A RIDE ON THE BUS! Now is your opportunity to kick-off the IMAGIN Conference in style. Join us for the 5th Annual IMAGIN Beer & Non-Beer Tour.  We’ve mixed it up a little bit this year: not only are we in a new fun city, but we are offering a variety of new Beer & Non-Beer options that are sure to tantalize every palate. We’ve reserved a beautiful 56 passenger bus from Holiday Coach in Grand Rapids.  Many details are starting to come together and will be posted here soon, but REGISTER TODAY to save your spot on the bus! 

        Beer Tour Stops       Non-Beer Tour Stops


Following the tours, participants will be dropped off for dinner at New Holland Knickerbocker.  Not interested in the tour?  You can still join your colleagues for dinner.  Please note, your registration fee for the bus does not include any tasting fees or dinner.

2019 IMAGIN Bus Tour Registration  2019 IMAGIN Sunday Dinner Reservations

Parking for New Holland Knickerbocker can be found at DASH Lot Area 7 below or on all side streets.







Beer & Non-Beer Tour sponsored by:

TENTATIVE Bus Tour Itinerary:
Holiday Coach bus boards at 2:45pm departs at 3pm
3:05pm Drop off Non-Beer Crew at Arktos Meadery
3:15pm Drop off Beer Crew at Harmony Hall on Stocking Ave.
4:10pm Pickup Non-Beer Crew at Arktos
4:15pm Drop off Non-Beer Crew at People’s Cider Company
4:20pm Pickup Beer Crew at Harmony
4:30pm Drop off Beer Crew at Speciation Artisan Ales
5:15pm Pickup Non-Beer Crew at People’s Cider
5:25pm Drop off Non-Beer Crew at Bier Distillery
5:30pm Pickup Beer Crew at Speciation
5:40pm Drop off Beer Crew at Perrin Brewing
6:35pm Pickup Non-Beer Crew at Bier Distillery
6:45pm Pickup Beer Crew at Perrin Brewing
7:00pm Drop off Everyone at New Holland Brewing


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