IMAGIN Announces Logo Redesign Competition

Announced May 7, 2021

IMAGIN is excited to announce a design competition for our new logo! The current logo is graphically complex - an outline of the State of Michigan superimposed on a manhole cover with various raster images in each grate opening. Our goal is to modernize our branding and improve the versatility of the graphic design.

The IMAGIN Board of Directors recognizes the immense talent within our membership and decided to create this contest to let that talent shine. Plus, honestly who couldn't use a little fun, friendly competition, and a cool prize, right?

Take a look at the IMAGIN Logo Design Competition Page for all of the details and start getting creative!

Light on the Horizon...

From IMAGIN President, Thomas Van Bruggen
April 14, 2021

It’s been a long 13+ months since we all entered this new world of a global pandemic.  We have had to adapt in many different ways.  We have experienced new work environments, developed new routines, and interacted with our professional and social networks in new ways.  Many opportunities were cancelled, postponed, and then cancelled again.  As this is true for our individual lives, it is also so true of IMAGIN.  We had to cancel the 2020 conference in Kalamazoo, stop our meetups, and we have postponed our Annual Conference for 2021 on Mackinac Island until June of 2022.  IMAGIN is an organization built entirely around networking and relationships, and we all long for those connections with people to return… personally and professionally. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on, it seems so easy to lose hope, but there is light on the horizon.  Efforts like vaccinations, a better understanding of treatments, and a progression of returning slowly back toward a bit of normalcy give us glimpses of hope.   We do well to remember the many blessings and opportunities we do have. Your IMAGIN Board continues to work hard to build opportunities to connect.  We launched the IMAGIN Webinar Series in November 2020 and we are announcing that Season Two of the Webinar Series is scheduled to begin in May of 2021 as we continue to provide content and education from your colleagues.  Check out the Webinar Series page for past recordings and to sign up to present in Season Two!  Over the next couple of weeks, we will be launching a new opportunity, the GeoRoundtable, where we join together in virtual open meetings for an informal discussion on a topic of the day… no big presentations, just a way to connect and chat.  Teams are also working on the Annual Awards, Map Gallery, Scholarships and the Annual Membership Meeting.  And of course, we are planning for the 2022 Conference on Mackinac Island!

IMAGIN is YOUR professional GIS organization, and more than ever, we need your support.  Membership, sponsorship, and your participation is crucial to IMAGIN.  If you haven’t renewed your membership, please consider renewing soon.   If you have been working on a great project, map or application, please consider sharing it through our Webinar Series.  Join in on the GeoRoundtable talks.  If you want to directly impact the direction of IMAGIN, consider volunteering on a team or running for a Board of Directors positions.   Nominations are now open.  

I want to sincerely thank you for your continued support of IMAGIN.

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