IMAGIN's GIS for Everyone Award

The IMAGIN GIS for Everyone Award is presented to an organization that seeks to make GIS data or analysis accessible to other organizations and/or to the public.  GIS organizations that strive to disseminate and share data make spatial data available to everyone. 

Awarded since 2000, the GIS for Everyone award is now in its 21st year of being awarded.

Past Award Winners

IMAGIN GIS for Everyone Award

Presented since 2000 - Click slide thumbnail to view presentation slides
YearRecipientPresentation or Bio
2020City of Farmington Hills
   Implementation of ArcGIS Online for application deployment
   and engagement for citizens. 
2019State of Michigan: DTMB, Center for Shared Solutions
   Implementation of ArcGIS Open Data Platform and increased
   sharing of data through the deployment of LARA data regarding
   State licensed facilities and the updating of the Statewide
   Framework data layers.

2018 Livingston County GIS
   Implementation of ArcGIS Online and public gallery
   with numerous applications for public consumption
   at no charge for the first time.
   Accepted by Sandon Lettieri, GIS Technician

2017City of Livonia - Information Systems Department
   Implementation of the Local Government Information 
   Model (LGIM) and Complete Rebuild of Online Mapping
   Accepted by Dan Teodor, MSc, GISP - GIS Administrator
2016Geospatial Analysis and Mapping Lab
University of Michigan - Dearborn
   GIS Day and Community GIS Engagement Programs
   Accepted by Dr. Claudia Walters, GAM Lab Manager

2015City of Flint, Michigan - Planning & Development Department
   City-wide Housing Assessment Program and Neighborhood
   Collaboration Program
   Award accepted by Calix Martinez, GIS Technician

2014Kent County, Michigan - GIS Department
   Online GIS Data Library and Open Data
   Award accepted by Janice Rockburn, GIS/Financials Team Lead
     and Elliott Lowe, GIS Analyst

2013City of Holland, Michigan - Technology Services Department
   Citizen Request Management
   Award accepted by Matt VanDyken, Technology Services

2012State of Michigan - Center for Shared Solutions & Technology
   Michigan Framework Data Program
   Award accepted by Eric Swanson, Director and 
     Laura Blastic, Geo-Framework Services Manager

2011Eaton County, Michigan - GIS Department
   Digital Plat Book Program
   Award accepted by Eric Daley, GIS Manager
Coming Soon
2010City of Midland, Michigan - GIS Department
   Web Mapping Applications
   Award accepted by Dan Brumm, GIS Coordinator
Coming Soon
2009Muskegon County, Michigan - Equalization/GIS Department
   GIS Web Mapping Application Development
   Award accepted by Thomas Van Bruggen, GIS Administrator
Coming Soon
2008City of Birmingham, Michigan - GIS Department
   Retail Market Analysis Program
   Award accepted by Tara Maguire
Coming Soon
2007McKenna and Associates
   City of River Rouge Interactive Mapping Tool
Coming Soon
2006City of Kalamazoo, Michigan - GIS
   Online GIS Applications with City Data Availability
Coming Soon
2005Grand Traverse County, Michigan - GIS Department
   GIS Intranet Application
Coming Soon
2004City of Portage, Michigan - GIS Department
   GIS Access Initiative
Coming Soon
2003Wastenaw County, Michigan - GIS Department
   GIS Program Initiatives
   Award accepted by Kimberly Wraight, GIS Lead
Coming Soon
2002City of Grand Rapids, Michigan - GIS Department
   IMS/GIS/CMMS/DOC: Evolving Public Service into Intelligent    
     Community-Oriented Government
   Award accepted by Paul Klimas, GIS Administrator
Coming Soon
2001Oakland County, Michigan - GIS DepartmentNot Available
2000South East Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)
   Regional GIS Coordination Committee
Not Available

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