Annual Awards

NOTICE: While the 2020 IMAGIN Conference has been cancelled, the Board of Directors and the Awards Team are exploring options to continue with the annual award recognition.  As our process develops, we will communicate with you regarding how we intend to host the annual awards.   In the meantime, please feel free to nominate worthy individuals or organizations that are performing exceptional work in the geospatial community.  

IMAGIN annually recognizes GIS professionals that have contributed to the exceptional utilization of GIS in the State of Michigan.   The awards are given to GIS practitioners and/or organizations that exemplify how GIS can be used to create efficiencies in work processes, increase awareness of spatial conditions, or improve services for the citizens of the State.  

IMAGIN's awards are presented at the Annual Conference as part of the IMAGIN Awards Luncheon.  

Four (4) award categories are currently awarded and additional information on each award can be found following the links below.  

In addition to the four (4) awards presented each year, IMAGIN also hosts a Map Gallery competition at the annual conference and offers a student scholarship. 

The $500 IMAGIN Scholarship recognizes an outstanding student in Geographic Information / Geospatial Sciences. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to be recognized at the IMAGIN Annual Conference and to assist in the funding of their college career.  Follow the links below to view information about either the Scholarships or Map Gallery.

IMAGIN Scholarship Map Gallery Info


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