IMAGIN's Map Gallery is back for 2024 and will feature a combination of both digital and printed maps and a gallery at the 2024 IMAGIN Conference.   

Story Maps and applications will be featured in their full interactive format, and traditional printed maps will be displayed as high-resolution PDF maps prior to the conference and printed and displayed at the conference.   All of the submissions will be posted online via the IMAGIN website and/or IMAGIN's ArcGIS Online environment.

For 2024, the Map Gallery categories are:

  • Best Cartographic Design
  • Best Analytic Presentation
  • Best Storytelling (includes but not limited to Story Maps)
  • People's Choice - Digital Application (based on IMAGIN Membership Voting)
  • People's Choice - Map / Printed Map (based on IMAGIN Membership Voting)

The 2024 Map Gallery will open for viewing in mid-May and People's Choice voting will be open prior to the 2024 IMAGIN Conference and will close on Monday, June 3, 2024 9:00 pm. 

Each category winner will receive an awards package and will be recognized at the IMAGIN Annual Conference as part of the Annual Awards Luncheon. 

All Map Gallery entries must be submitted by Sunday, May 19, 2024.   

To view the 2023 IMAGIN Map Gallery, click here or image above

2024 IMAGIN Map Gallery Submission Form 
The submission window for the 2024 IMAGIN Map Gallery is NOW OPEN!  Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, May 19, 2024. 

Submission and Map Gallery Display Information:

With the return of a map gallery at the 2024 IMAGIN Conference, we are asking that all submitters plan to print and bring their map printed to the conference for display.  If a submission is for an online application, online map or online story, we are asking that the creator also bring a poster or printed display of a reasonable size for display on an easel.  The poster / display should include a QR Code that links to the online map, story or application.  This will allow conference attendees to easily visit the application online.

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