IMAGINews is the quarterly newsletter of IMAGIN.  Beginning publication in 1996, the IMAGINews Newsletter has provided members relevant news and information regarding all-things GIS, covering the State of Michigan as well as the national GIS landscape.  

Below you will find past issues of the IMAGINews in scanned PDF format for your browsing. Please note that we are still adding to the archives and this section is changing often.



 Main Stories

2020 Issue 3 - Summer IMAGINews Goes Digital
Leveraging GIS in the Fight Against COVID-19
ArcGIS Highlights
Focus on Open Source GIS
Story Map Tales
 2020 Issue 2 - Spring 

UAS Legal Brief: MCDO v Genesee County

Member Spotlight: City of Novi

Jim Bennett Retires

Board of Directors Election

2020 Special Edition
Conference Details
IMAGIN 2020: Building Your Community
Kalamazoo Hosts the 2020 IMAGIN Conference
Call for Presentation Abstracts
HOLL: Esri's Hands On Learning Lab
IMAGIN's Annual Awards:  Call for Nominations

2019 Issue 3 - AutumnSharing the Airspace: 2019 UAV Regulations Take Flight
Success is never final, failure is never fatal
IMAGIN 2019 Conference, Awards
IMAGIN Workshop Series: Drone Day
2019 Issue 2 - Spring 

2019 IMAGIN Annual Conference Schedule

Story Map Tales

Member Spotlight: Wightman

 2019 Issue 1 - Winter 2019 IMAGIN Conference Brewery Tour
The Mackinac Bridge Tower Tour - A Silent Auction Winner's Experience
2019 IMAGIN Conference Details 
Story Map Tales
2018 Cartography Books of Interest


2018 Issue 3 - AutumnDowntown Detroit Partnership Launches 3D Development Tracker
Michigan Infrastructure Council Update
2018 IMAGIN Conference Wrap-Up
Eaton County GIS Member Spotlight
 2018 Issue 2 - Spring IMAGIN Meetups - Have You Attended?
IMAGIN's 2018 Annual Conference Information
2018 Conference Schedule , Technical Sessions, Social Networking Details, 
   Map Gallery, and Sponsor information

2018 Issue 1 - Winter Time Warped Walkability Map of Grand Rapids by John Nelson
   Check out the enhanced online content of John's article (click here to view)
2018 IMAGIN Conference Keynote Speakers Announced
2018 IMAGIN Conference Events, Registration, Social Events and More...
 2017 Issue 3 - SummerSEMCOG Supporting Career Development for Detroit's Youth
IMAGIN's 2017 Annual Award Recipients
IMAGIN 2017 Annual Conference Wrap-Up
Member Spotlight: Leelanau County

2017 Issue 2 - SpringCartography Contributes to Meeting Sustainable Development Goals
IMAGIN's 2017 Annual Conference - Keynotes, Sponsors
2017 Conference Agenda & Technical Sessions Details
2017 IMAGIN Student Poster & Paper Competition Winners

2017 Issue 1 - WinterThe Expanded Great Lakes Shoreviewer
IMAGIN Meet-ups Hailed a Success!
2017 IMAGIN Student Paper & Poster Competition Announcements
2017 IMAGIN Conference Announcement / Call for Presentations

2016 Issue 4 - AutumnGrand Valley Metropolitan Council / REGIS Data Center Upgrades
State of Michigan Parcel Repository Pilot Program
2017 IMAGIN Student Paper & Poster Competition Announcements
2017 IMAGIN Conference Announcement
  2016 Issue 3 - SummerBay de Noc Community College Spotlight
IMAGIN's 25th Annual Conference Wrap-up
Annual Conference Award Winners
Thoughts from a 2016 Esri Conference Attendee
  2016 Issue 2 - SpringU of M Flint's GIS Center Maps Flint Lead Service Lines
IMAGIN's 25th Annual Conference Keynote Speakers
Conference Registration Information and Education Sessions
IMAGIN's 2016 Student Paper & Poster Competition Results
  2016 Issue 1 - WinterInvasive Species in Michigan
Member Update: Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)
2016 Conference Registration Open and Call for Presentations
IMAGIN Award and Board of Directors Nominations Open
  2015 Issue 4 - FallFlint's Your Neighborhood Inventory
Contours from LiDAR Data - Achieving a Balance
IMAGIN's 2015 LiDAR Workshop
  2015 Issue 3 - SummerMapping the North Country Trail
2015 IMAGIN Conference Wrap-up
  2015 Issue 2 - SpringMichigan Wildlife Cooperatives - Using Maps to Connect Landowners
IMAGIN Conference Keynote Speakers Announced / IMAGIN Conference Agendas
2015 IMAGIN Student Paper & Poster Competition Winners
  2015 Issue 1 - WinterUp North Trails: Mapping the Trails
IMAGIN Conference: Call for Abstracts
IMAGIN Social Networking Events at the Conference
IMAGIN Awards Nominations / Elections
  2014 Issue 4 - FallSAW Grants and GIS for Asset Management
Spotlight - Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians
Membership Renewal Time
2015 Student Paper & Poster Competition Announced
  2014 Issue 3 - SummerMember Spotlight - SEMCOG
GIS in the Michigan Army National Guard
IMAGIN's 2014 Conference Wrap Up
A Message from the IMAGIN President - Thomas Van Bruggen
  2014 Issue 2 - SpringMember Spotlight - Genesee County
2014 IMAGIN Conference Schedule and Information
2014 IMAGIN Student  Poster & Paper Competition Winners
  2014 Issue 1 - WinterA Message from the IMAGIN President - Scott Ambs
Member Spotlight - Kent County
Mobile GIS at the Holland Board of Public Works - Pete Schneider
2014 IMAGIN Conference - Keynotes and Technical Tracks Highlights
  Following the Spring 2009 Issue, the IMAGINews printed edition was
discontinued until re-introduced in 2014.  During this time, an E-News
edition was transmitted to the membership via e-mail.  We will work to upload
the e-news archives at a later date.  
 2009 Issue 2 - Spring Satellite Image Observations for Landcover at GOES
Member Spotlight - Peninsula Township
2009 IMAGIN Student Paper & Poster Competition Wrap-up
 2009 Issue 1 - WinterLeveraging the RDBMS within the Geodatabase
Member Spotlight - Alpena County
Call for Nominations - IMAGIN Awards
IMAGIN Annual Conference Keynotes Announced: Zsolt Nagy and Vicki Lukas

 2008 Issue 4 - FallEconomic Development & GIS: A New Economy Embracing New Technologies
Who's Doing What:  The City of Jackson
From the President:  IMAGIN Update
Member News and Did You Know!
 2008 Issue 3 - SummerAnother successful conference has been wrapped up!
Who's Doing What: Western Michigan University Physical Plant
Did You Know:  Historic Weather Data Available
  2008 Issue 2 - SpringTech Tips for Dynamic Websites
Who's Doing What: Antrim County
Professionally Thrive as an IMAGIN Member
IMAGIN Student Paper & Poster Competition Runs Smoothly!
  2008 Issue 1 - WinterAutomating GIS: Managing Mundane Data Processes in Less Time
Who's Doing What:   Traverse City Area Public Schools Transportation
From the President: Have You Stepped Outside Your Comfort Zone Lately?
  2007 Issue 6
 November / December
In Search of an Assessing Tool to Quantify the Effects of Location on Value
     GIS Response Surface Analysis
Who's Doing What: Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians
An Organizational Biography of IMAGIN
  2007 Issue 5
 September / October
Do You Know Where Your Registered Sex Offenders and Parolees Are?
Who's Doing What: Great Lakes Information Network
From the President
From the Nominating Committee
Member News
  2007 Issue 4
 July / August
2007 Conference Wrap-Up
Who's Doing What: Ducks Unlimited, Inc. Great Lakes / Atlantic Region
Member News / Did You Know?
Award and Map Gallery Winners
  2007 Issue 3
 May / June
Rare Species Models for Land Use Planning
Who's Doing What: Genesee County Division of Water and Waste Services
Member News / Did You Know?

  2007 Issue 2
 March / April
Wikis: Free Collaborative Software
Who's Doing What: Oakland County Planning
From the President
Member News
  2007 Issue 1
 January / February
Lower Cost Ideas for Building an Enterprise GIS
Who's Doing What: Leelanau County
Member News / Did You Know?
Remembering Bill Enslin
From the President

1996 Volume 1
Issues 1
June / July 
Record Numbers of GIS Users look to the Future: IMAGIN Forum Review
New Members
News & Notes
Tips & Tricks

1995 June
IMAGIN Membership
Introducing IMAGIN
Membership Benefits

1995 Volume 2,
Issue 1,2 and 3
Welcome New Members
New from the IMAGIN Board
Fourth IMAGIN Forum Review and Fifth Forum Dates Set
MiRIS Data, News of Note, and Tips & Tricks

1994 Article
Sharing Spatial 
Data in Michigan
Sharing Spatial Data in Michigan
The First Step in Building Geographic information Systems
By Joe VanderMeulen, Director
   Science & Technology Division, Legislative Service Bureau, Lansing
The IMAGIN Project - an Introduction
We have many more issues in our archives all the way back to 1995, and we will be posting them very soon!

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