2007 Student Poster & Paper Competition

The 2007 IMAGIN Student Poster & Paper Competition winners are listed below.  Click the paper or poster links to view the amazing work submitted by the students.

2007 IMAGIN Student Paper Competition Results

Graduate Paper Presenter and Paper Title
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1st Place
Scott Harding, Michigan State University
Improving Geocoding Accuracy in Network Analysis
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2nd Place 
Jeff Reicherts, Western Michigan University
Cartographic Modeling for Site Selection: Determining Land Suitability for Biosolids Applications
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3rd Place 
Brad Blumer and Tara LaLonde, Michigan State University
Comparison of 10m NED and LiDAR DEM Error in the Context of Critical Dune Management
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 4th Place
Pariwate Varnakovida, Michigan State University
Spatial Pattern Analysis of Settlement Locations Using Logistic Regression

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2007 IMAGIN Student Poster Competition Results

 Poster Author and Title
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Student Poster Competition Results
1st Place
Jessica Watmore, Central Michigan University
Relationship between Human Land Use and Wildfires

2nd Place 
Dan Wieferich, Michigan State University
Modeling the Spread of BeechBark Disease

3rd Place 
Ken Oetzel, Schoolcraft College
Using Geospatial Technology to Monitor Stream Quality
4th Place
Briam Romsek, Ferris State University
Mapping Handicapped Facilities

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