2016 Student Poster & Paper Competition

The 2016 IMAGIN Student Poster & Paper Competition was held on April 5th at Constitution Hall in Lansing, Michigan.  Again partnering with the State of Michigan GIS Users Group Meeting, the Poster Competition was conducted in the morning with 11 posters being featured and displayed in the main atrium.  The graduate paper presentation was presented in the afternoon and was followed by a very informative round-table discussion regarding education, GIS, the needs the GIS community requires of recent graduates and the ways the GIS community can connect with the educational community.

The posters, paper and winners list can be viewed further down on this page

2016 SPPC Event Pictures

IMAGIN's 2016 SPPC Judging Panel: 
   Claudia Walters: University of Michigan, Dearborn 
   Rebecca Rogers: Lansing Community College
   Ann Burns: South East Michigan Council of

IMAGIN's 2016 SPPC Planning Team:
   Andrew Giguere: Team Chair
   Pete Schneider
   Diane O'Connell
   Kathleen Stack
   Andrew Brenner
   Scott Swan

2016 IMAGIN Student Paper Competition Results

Graduate Paper Presenter and Paper Title
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1st Place - $500 Winner:
Chris Hippensteel- Central Michigan University
Digitizing Great Lakes Coastal Welands: A Case Study of GIS Integration
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You can view all of the 2016 IMAGIN SPPC Presentations in a YouTube Playlist



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2016 IMAGIN Student Poster Competition Results

 Poster Author and Title
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 Best Cartographic Design Category Results
1st Place - $250 Winner: Best Cartographic Design Category
Whitney Lambert, Cornerstone University
North County Trail through Tahquamenon County
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2nd Place: Best Cartographic Design Category
Cole Vickers, Grand Valley State University
Desertification of Sudan during El Nino Years Assessed using Remote Sensing
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Best Analytic Presentation Category
1st Place - $250 Winner: Best Analytical Presentation
Alex Lynch, Central Michigan University
Experimental Assessment of Supervised Algorithms to Classify Targeted Land-Cover Using Ultra-High Resolution Multispectral UAS Imagery
2nd Place: Best Analytic Presentation Category
Eric Roggow, Eastern Michigan University
Land Cover Change in Livingston County, Michigan 
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The Following Poster Competitors are listed in Alphabetical Order by Last Name and the order does not indicate any position or scoring  
Aryn Cowley, Ghanam Alenazi, Shawn Harp, Marshall Wixom, Ferris State University
Surveying Engineering: Elevation Data Comparison
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Brianne Czyzio, Aquinas College
White Privelege: A Spatial Study of Race and Poverty Demographics
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Wendy Dorman, Kyle Aderohunmu, Emily Fisher, Allison Hoff, Marisa Laderach & Elizabeth Sample, Eastern Michigan University
The City of Ypsilanti Street Infrastructure Assessment
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Jeff Gardner, Grand Valley State University
Wildfire Risk Assessment in Western Montana 
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Michelle Kane, Lake Superior State University
911 Hot Spot Analysis of the Eastern Upper Peninsula
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Emily Macqueen, Aquinas College
All Mapped Out: Land Use / Land Cover of Aquinas College
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Chris Stoskopf, Grand Valley State University
Campsite Restrictions new Water Sources within Wilderness in Colorado
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