2024 IMAGIN Board of Directors Nominations & Election

IMAGIN is led by a fifteen (15) member Board of Directors that oversee all aspects of the organization.  Board members are elected for a two (2) year term, with alternating year of election where seven (7) members are elected one year and eight (8) the next year.  Election ballots are sent to all current IMAGIN members two (2) to three (3) weeks prior to the election closing date election results are announced at the IMAGIN Conference as part of the Annual Membership Meeting.  

The Directors oversee all operations, events, administration and conference planning for the organization.  The Board meets monthly with about 75% of the meetings being a virtual meeting lasting about 90 minutes and the remaining 25% of the meetings being in-person and lasting from 3 to 6 hours.   The Directors serve on teams/committees that oversee specific areas of the organization and these team meetings are normally one hour in length and most teams meet monthly.  IMAGIN's Board is made up of volunteers in the GIS profession from across Michigan. 

Once the election is closed and the new IMAGIN board members are seated, the Board of Directors elects the Executive Officers of IMAGIN at the IMAGIN General Membership Meeting.

For the 2024 Election, nine (9) directors seats are open for election.  Eight (8) of the seats are regularly scheduled election seats, and one additional seat is for a director that is stepping down mid-term.   This 9th director position will be elected to fill a one (1) year term, where the first eight (8) positions are for the standard two (2) year term.   Board of Directors requirements can be found in the IMAGIN Bylaws, Article IV: Board of Directors.   

NOTICE for 2024 Election:
Elected candidates for the position of Director of IMAGIN normally serve a two (2) year term. As part of the discussions between IMAGIN and MiCAMP regarding a potential merger of the organizations, it should be noted that terms for candidates may be potentially shorter than the standard two (2) year term if a merger occurs and if a new set of bylaws and a new team of directors should be elected. This notice is for informational purposes and does not either guarantee or prohibit changes from occurring

To be nominated for the board of directors, submit your nomination via the link below.  Nominations will close on Monday, April 22, 2024 at 5:00 pm. 

Board of Directors Nomination Form

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