2019 IMAGIN Conference
Keynote Speakers

Each day of the IMAGIN Conference, we start with a keynote speaker.  Our keynote speakers feature innovative or inspiring topics that help you to focus and motivate you.

Monday June 10
Adam Carnow, Community Evangelist (Esri)

Tuesday June 11
Wendy Ogilvie, Director of Environmental Programs (Grand Valley Metro Council)
Matt Chapman, Director & Project Coordinator (Grand Rapids Whitewater)

Grand Rapids Whitewater is an innovative, local nonprofit organization focused on the revitalization of the Grand River through Grand Rapids and restoration of the city’s historic namesake rapids. The goals of this project are to expand recreational uses, improve aquatic habitats, enhance environmental quality of the community, and boost tourism, business growth and employment opportunities along the riverfront in Grand Rapids and throughout West Michigan. Grand Rapids Whitewater, in partnership with numerous agencies and organizations, including the City of Grand Rapids and the Grand Valley Metro Council, has been studying the project since 2009. This presentation will illustrate historical uses of the Grand River, showcase the complexities of the project, provide a current project update, and explore the environmental, economic, and social benefits associated with a revitalized Grand River system.


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