IMAGIN 2024 Keynote Speakers

Each day of the IMAGIN Conference, we start with a keynote speaker.  Our keynote speakers feature innovative or inspiring topics that help you to focus and motivate you.  

Monday, June 3 Guest Speaker

Dr. Peter Esselman
Research Fisheries Biologist, Great Lakes Science Center

Headshot of Dr. Peter Esselman My research extends the theory and approaches of landscape ecology into large lake and river contexts to support natural resource decision making from local to continental scales.  Since joining USGS in 2014, I have worked to apply emerging technologies and analytical approaches to the description of large-scale spatiotemporal variation in forage fish abundances and habitats that underpin Great Lakes commercial and recreational fisheries.  I am also actively engaged in the detection, measurement and modeling of invasive and nuisance species distributions and abundances to support the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.  I am a strong advocate for modernization of data collection methods, aquatic remote sensing, and improving bathymetric and habitat maps for the Great Lakes.  Prior to joining USGS I worked extensively in Central America where I studied tropical river ecosystems and supported global and local conservation organizations.  I have specialties in fish community ecology, landscape ecology, biological assessment, applications of machine learning models to ecological problems, field methods, and spatial planning.

Tuesday, June 4 Guest Speakers

headshot of Scott Oppmann

Scott Oppmann
Head of ArcGIS Solutions, Esri

Scott Oppmann is Esri’s ArcGIS Solutions Manager and has over 25 years of experience in the planning, development, implementation, management, and application of technology solutions. After pioneering GIS in several government organizations, Scott joined Esri with the mission to bridge the gap between government needs and the technology that supports them. He currently leads a team of subject matter experts who design ArcGIS Solutions for common government, utility, and defense workflows.

headshot of Mike Dagle

Mike Dagle
ArcGIS Solutions Lead, Esri

Mike Dagle leads Esri’s ArcGIS Solutions Infrastructure team, leveraging 20 years of experience delivering geospatial solutions. Before joining Esri, he spent 15 years crafting and supporting geospatial solutions within various Michigan government organizations. He currently leads a team of talented Product Engineers responsible for designing ArcGIS Solutions that meet the needs of infrastructure, public works, transportation, and election workflows.

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